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This is where I’m spilling over, if you didn’t get that yet.

Learning from the Learned

I should tape the sound coming through the windows for you. Actually, I did, but I’ll have to wait for it to download from my phone. Smart it may be, but me, not so much. I am keeping the trissim ( heavy metallic blinds) down next to me to keep warmer. Yes, I could turn the heat back on, now that we figured out how to do that, but we can manage a little bit longer without it…as long as my grandson keeps his socks and sweatshirt on. He’s home from school again because half of his nose wasn’t working. He’s quite fine now and quite bored. That’s how we like them. I might take a break to play Uno with him now.

I’m back. I won, but it was pretty close!

The kids’ school told them to dress “like onions” with layers, knowing that the classrooms are not necessarily…

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starting over, learning

What do you think?

Learning from the Learned

This title is a multi-level pun which I will start to explain now.

The first part you might want to know is that it is a pun on the phrase תלמיד חכם, “wise student.” In Hebrew, unlike in English, the noun comes first, with the modifier following. But here the modifier is not an adjective, but another noun. So you can be a student of a wise person, or a student of wise people, or many students of wise people. You can see more here about the expectations and values assigned to a Talmid Chacham here, but here is just a bit.

The principles in accordance with which the talmid ḥakam must live are enumerated in the first chapter of Derek Ereẓ Zuṭa, opening with the following sentence: “The way of the wise is to be modest, humble, alert, and intelligent; to endure injustice; to make himself beloved of…

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Rant of the Week

What’s the line about insanity? So is it insane for us to wait for the world to wake up?


Today is June 7th. On June 7th, 1967, the Israel Defence Forces  liberated the Old City of Jerusalem from the yoke of the illegal Jordanian occupation. In Israel, we celebrate this according to the Jewish calendar, on 28th Iyyar. I already blogged about it a few weeks ago, so why am I mentioning it again today? Because of the EU threat yesterday to back the “Palestinians” at the Hague, if Israel doesn’t freeze building in the so-called “occupied territories” including “Arab East Jerusalem”.

First of all, let’s be clear about one thing. Jerusalem was a Jewish city long before the Arab invaders swarmed all over the Middle East and North Africa, imposing Islam at the point of the sword. Not only was it “a” Jewish city. It was “the” Jewish city, our capital, our political and religious centre. During the long years of alien occupation, although political sovereignty was…

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