About me

IMG_0192I’m usually a non-fiction reader and I guess, writer. That way I can’t get upset with endings because they’re supposed to be based on facts.  Fiction is too finite and usually doesn’t go the way I would want.

Thus a love of the belle-lettre form which is now, I guess, changed into blogging. I originally called it this (But Mostly Hers) because I wanted to make my voice heard over the voice of my husband, the rabbi, especially when he rephrases my ideas in his words, but I realize that there are many other wise people in the universe I am eager to hear. So please let me hear your opinions and reveal as much as you want about your own self.

And you should know I love my husband, my kids, and yes yes my wonderful most fantastic grandchildren who are of course the most wonderful and most brilliant in the whole wide world!

I think I’ll put the cast of characters here, just in case.

  • ISHI-Hebrew for “my man”, in other words, how I refer to my husband for this blog
  • FIL–my father-in-law, whose life often makes me reflect on mine and values
  • D#1, D#2, S#1, S#2–I think you get the picture now–daughter #1, etc…
  • SIL–sons-in-law and
  • DIL–daughters-in-law

Any others that I’m forgetting to explain? If you see anything, let me know.

And this tells you something but clearly not very much. You’ll have to read for yourself to find out more.  And as I write, I do, too. And I am trying to find the hidden that is all around us.

But can you see the butterfly above?

How about now?







But just for your information, I’m actually in the process of moving this blog over here to a new page/phase. So come visit me there at http://olddogwitholdtricks.wordpress.com/!


27 responses

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  3. Oh of course I know you did! But it’s just funny how I never thought of myself that way, and of course, that’s who I am! It’s a strange thing, reality meeting up with your expectations…

    Have a wonderful weekend, too!

  4. I just discovered your blog, and am happy to meet you. I, too am a Jewish grandmother who is not the typical Jewish Grandmother. But then I wasn’t a Jewish mother, either. So what does that mean? I guess that I love my fame;y but respect their privacy and their rights to make decisions. I don’t believe in micromanaging their lives and forcing myself and my opinions on them.

    • It’s good to meet you here in cyberspace, where we can be anything we want, even ourselves! Thanks so much for visiting.

  5. Hello Rebbetzin, Yes, I see the butterful. And also the story: It’s a rocky and difficult path to the ocean but the butterfly appears to send hope and reconnect us with beauty – Hashem’s artwork.

    • And that you have to open up to the gifts that we’ve been given! But PLEASE don’t call me rebbitzin–that isn’t a gift I’m willing to accept! Thanks for visiting and Shabbat Shalom!

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