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Learning from the Learned

This title is a multi-level pun which I will start to explain now.

The first part you might want to know is that it is a pun on the phrase תלמיד חכם, “wise student.” In Hebrew, unlike in English, the noun comes first, with the modifier following. But here the modifier is not an adjective, but another noun. So you can be a student of a wise person, or a student of wise people, or many students of wise people. You can see more here about the expectations and values assigned to a Talmid Chacham here, but here is just a bit.

The principles in accordance with which the talmid ḥakam must live are enumerated in the first chapter of Derek Ereẓ Zuṭa, opening with the following sentence: “The way of the wise is to be modest, humble, alert, and intelligent; to endure injustice; to make himself beloved of…

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