winter approaches slowly slowly

We went back to the museum yesterday, this time with my father and sister. How quickly things change.

IMG_20131113_154535_123 IMG_20131113_161357_551

Today, we went for another walk and it felt positively balmy. Yes, gratitude is here, too.

IMG_20131114_122101_826 IMG_20131114_124242_434

We just finished eating dinner. The men went off to the synagogue for evening prayer time. Before dinner, I lit two yahrzeit candles on behalf of my father, one for his mother and one for his older cousin, who was like a brother to him. They share the date of their death, convenient for my father not to mourn more than he wants for both of them. While I was making dinner, and on the subject at hand, I gave him a book to read, and opened it up to the chapter that I had written about my mother and my reciting kaddish for her. I figured it was the best time to bring it up. 

But of course, as I was washing my veggies for salad, I thought maybe I had written something not to complimentary about him in there and maybe I should have reviewed it beforehand. After all, it had been a few months already since I had re-read it. And so much has happened since then.

I needn’t have worried. He was very moved by the chapter. But I still wonder if it was because he was open to the experience or if it was what I had written. A bit of melancholy will stay with me for a while, I think.

So I have to search for the gratitude forcefully.




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    • Thank you. I’m looking forward to spending some time this winter in Israel, though! I’ve gotten to the point where snow is great for one day or two, but I’m sure I’ll see plenty enough when I get back.

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