happy birthday, little one

Our #10 is one-year-old today. We (and by that, I mean I) bought him a tractor. On the steering wheel, there’s a button in the middle that you can push to play a very mild-mannered Old MacDonald, and another one to simulate the start-up noise of a tractor. Our little one enjoyed the music but wasn’t as moved by it as he was when he actually belts out a tune on the piano. Maybe I’m over-thinking here, but maybe it’s because he really prefers action. When he does use the piano that we have at our house, I make sure that I move and shake to show that hey! You can move to music! It’s to the point now when he’ll play and look up at me to make sure that I am.

Boy, are kids smart.

Here’s a good example of that.

I got here via TWKIWDBI, but I’m showing the one on Youtube. You can turn on the English captions on the bottom. They’re not timed particularly well, but I think you’ll get the message, even without the translation.

Kitchen dancing, anyone?

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