may this truly be an omen

Surprise! This email actually did arrive on Friday, but after I had shut my computer/phone down for Shabbat.

Dear Mysending, (YES! They got my name right on this one!)

Congratulations! The repair of your item is now complete. Our service depot has shipped it back to you with tracking number: 1Z21A…………………

Please be sure to test out all of your item’s functionality as soon as you get it and if there still are any issues please immediately contact the service depot at the number they provide. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your claim, please feel free to give us a call at 1-877-555-1111.

It’s unfortunate your item failed, but this is precisely the reason a warranty was the right choice. When buying electronics or appliances from any retailer, don’t forget the SquareTrade warranty!


The SquareTrade Team

Please Note: The bulk of SquareTrade communications are done through email. To ensure you receive important emails, make sure you add this email to your address book.

Now here’s the biggest surprise–guess what arrived today! And guess what has a new unbroken case!

But they didn’t send the really nice cloth that had protected the keyboard.

Which reminds me of a joke:

Smitty:  That’s very cool. The title track, “He Had A Hat,” for those that may not know, talk a little bit about what that means.  It’s kinda funny in a way, but just talk a little bit about why you decided to go with “He Had A Hat.”

JL:  Well, it’s just really a joke.  It’s the punch line to an old Borscht Belt joke, actually.

Smitty:  Yeah.

JL:  And we were just having so much fun in the studio, we were telling jokes and stuff, and it just kinda symbolizes the joy that we had of creating music and sharing music and just having fun in the studio, just hanging out, but anyway, the joke is about a grandmother that takes her grandson to the beach and a big wave comes and sweeps her grandson off the beach, and she’s distraught and she looks up and calls out into the sky like “God, please bring Mikey back.  I’ll do anything, I’ll do good works, I’ll devote myself to feeding the poor, and just anything.  Just please bring Mikey back.”  And all of a sudden a big wave comes and puts the kid right on the beach, and she looks up in the sky and says “He had a hat!”

Smitty:  (Laughs.)

JL:  So it’s just a funny old joke, but it actually has another meaning too, which is….I wear a lot of different hats because sometimes I’m an engineer, I’m a piano player, I’m an arranger, songwriter, I mean, that’s kinda the way it is in this music business these days.  You need to wear a lotta hats in order to survive because it’s kind of a tough competitive environment these days, but we just wanted to put out that vibe of fun and good humor that we had when we were making the record.  That was pretty much it.

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