the myth of sisyphus vs. groundhog day while raking leaves once again

There is one spot in our front yard that jams me up with strong emotions while raking leaves every year. I’ve written about it here and here.

Today, again, as I was in that same spot, I was determined to figure out more about this, with a new challenge that our family is now facing.

Was it the absurdity of Camus’ Sisyphus or was it Groundhog Day?

Would I be able to learn anything from it?

Or would it be a third way, just getting through the task at hand. Nothing to learn here, folks.

I’m hoping for the Groundhog option.  Let’s go with my search for meaning.

But I can show a bit of the absurd side.

Here is a tree that was severed from itself. But does it still get called a tree?

IMG_20131010_135739_147 IMG_20131010_135709_855


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