another set of real-life emails

The government is broken. A lot of things are broken. I have fashioned 3 drafts of posts that I thought to write this week, one on the legacy of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef and powerlessless. One on the Pew Commission and Jewish continuity. Another on to-do lists and their limits.

But I’ll write instead about my laptop.

Did I ever mention how it fell ‘way back in Australia and the case cracked? I had waited to get to a safe time without travels in order to send it in to get repaired.

I did. Three weeks ago, at least now. And I’ve been trading emails back and forth to the company ever since then. Okay, I gave them a few weeks to repair it. They said 5 days. I figured 2 weeks is what they meant.

This the first round of emails:

From: Warranty Help
Sent: Wednesday, October 09, 2013 3:47 AM
To: mysending
Subject: Regarding issue:

Hello Mysending,
I apologize for any inconveince caused. 

As per your concern, I have sent an email to our repair depot, to get an update on your claim status.

However, as a courtesy, I have issued you a full refund of the warranty price and the warranty is now completely free for you.

Moreover, your warranty will still continue and is active and in good standing.

The refund will reflect on your account within 3-5 business days.

Square Trade also offers warranty for any electronic item that you will be purchasing from any retailer and retailer’s website within 30days from your purchase date. We also cover eBay purchased electronic items as long as they are within 30days from the purchase date or the auctions close date.

You can also reply to this email or call 1-877-WARRANTY (1-877-927-7268) US & Canada only, 24/7.

Thank you,

SquareTrade Care Specialist
re: Ticket [#00035…..]

Your comment:
I tried calling your phone line to find out what has happened to my laptop. I sent it in over 3 weeks ago. I sat on the phone for at least 20 minutes only to be disconnected. Here is my warranty

8/26/2013 – Claim Approved (more….)
This is my response:

Thank you for your response. I don’t really care about the refund, since I paid it in good faith (not that I’m objecting to receiving it), but I just want to know the status of my laptop! Are you considering putting in another way to find out such a status? This seems pretty round-about.

Basically, I need to know the timeline and whether I should be purchasing another laptop before a big trip that I am making. I had sent it in the window that your site had made about repairs. I need accurate information.

Thanks again.


This is the email I got Wednesday.

Hello {!Contact.FirstName},

I really do apologize for the inconvenience caused.

As per your concern, i contacted the repair depot and got the answer that parts have been ordered and its really difficult to get these parts.

However, they will be delivered and installed by Friday.

Moreover, if the parts are not delivered by Friday then we will simply go ahead and process a reimbursement for you, of the purchase price of the laptop, so that you can purchase a new one. 

I really appreciate your patience and once again I really do apologize for the delay that has happened.

You can also reply to this email or call 1-877-WARRANTY (1-877-927-7268) US & Canada only, 24/7.

Thank you,

SquareTrade Care Specialist
re: Ticket [#{!Case.CaseNumber}]

Your comment:

 I feel like taking a red pen and crossing through all of the mistakes and sending it back to them.

It’s Friday today. Should I create a poll to see how many of you think that I will actually hear from them today?

Should I be happy that they’ve refunded my money?

No! I just want my laptop back.

And for them to use spell-check.

And my name.


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