stand up straight,

my father said.

He really wanted to say “Lose weight,” but he wouldn’t say that in front of my brother.

I answered back, “You, too.”

He said we all should stand up straight and I agreed.

We had taken a walk before he and my brother left for the airport to go back to LA. It was very nice to have them here for the beginning of the holiday, but I know that my father likes being home for the last days of Sukkot.

If you stand up straight and give a good strong handshake, you’ve already made 2 points with my father. He’s pretty much like the Billy Crystal character on Saturday Night Live (2 references in a row?) of Fernando, “You look marvelous!” since “It is better to look good than to feel good.”

So I try to stand up straight around him.

I also see myself tapping on the back on our biggest granddaughter to get her to sit up straight.

Genetics or concern?

But he is not standing up as straight as he did because he is busy looking down at his path. That’s what old people do. But that’s why I could remind him to sweep with his eyes and not continually look down.

Or stop and look around.

He also asked me what I do with all the photos that I take. Yes, I do delete many of them. I did not tell him that I post some here; I’m not going to introduce him to my blog or any other.

But here are some of the photos I took on our walk yesterday with more of the family. I chose the ones that showed nature standing up, but sometimes not so straight.

DSC_0621 DSC_0623 DSC_0624 DSC_0634 DSC_0635 DSC_0683 DSC_0688


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  1. “Stand up straight! Be proud of yourself!” My father used to say that when we were young, all the while criticizing us for this and that, so we couldn’t find it in ourselves to be proud. Oh well…and still, none of us stand up very straight!

      • Oh, I have plenty to say about my own father’s good or best intentions that went really really wrong! Like always telling me “you’re so pretty when you smile” and wondering why I always was frowning…I figured if I was only pretty when I smiled, why bother pretending?

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