you can probably see where this is going, but

You should still see it to the end.

I saw this link on Neatorama on Facebook, but actually took the time to watch it now via this link on TYWKIWDBI.

An achingly evocative video posted by Miss Cellania at Neatorama, where a commenter noted that the 792,000 thai bahts are equivalent to about 25,000 USD or 19,000 EUR or 16,000 GBP.

It’s also a reminder that the financial problems contingent on life support and major medical catastrophes are not limited to the United States.

An amazing example of what we can accomplish together.


2 responses

    • I agree so completely. But it may be that it does happen in smaller ways and we just aren’t aware. I guess it’s our job to make sure people do know how powerful they are!

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