how to get rid of a rat

ISHI thought I was thinking the same thing he was, and I was.

He’s been dealing with trying to help someone get a Jewish divorce from her extremely-no-good husband. I cannot tell you how horrible this person is; I can tell you he should not be called a man.

Or a person.

A rat is probably about right, except that it’s insulting to rats.

So ISHI’s been on the phone (since the woman lives in a  very distant community), going from cell phone to home line and numerous emails, texts, etc., trying to get the situation understood by all the parties, trying to get across the urgency of the situation, to not allow the rat to get away, but to take care of him appropriately.

In fact, we had been out of town for the past 2 days on a lovely attempt to get away (I’ll post some photos separately), and we had basically just returned home for him to spend another hour and a half on the phone with 2 different people, when he points a flashlight near me in the kitchen (I was cooking freshly-picked corn) and then shines it onto the floor of our study

pointing out a real creature of our own that we had to now get rid of.

Okay, ours was a mouse. A sick mouse. I had seen it the other day rambling in our kitchen. Thank G0d I was sitting down at the time. I’m not the stand-on-chairs kind of gal, but I don’t like sharing my kitchen with any not human. We knew that this was not a healthy mouse, since it was moving slow enough for me to see it clearly. We have a lot of traps around the house, and it mostly likely had already ingested some poison, so it just a matter of time before it showed up again.

And so it was not surprising that ISHI saw it this time in the study, which is one door away from the kitchen, again, taking its time.  He was on the phone talking about how to get rid of the rat and now we had to figure out how to get rid of the mouse.

Irony not missed.

Getting rid of the mouse was much easier and cleaner than getting rid of this sick rat. There are some people who just don’t get the threat of rats in our midst.



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