i’m no proust

But I have my own madeleine now and it’s a cherry.

I also wanted to find a photo of the experience that led me to this, but alas, my memory of having taken one of the time does not match up with reality.

So what is this?

A bag of dried cherries started all of this.

D#2 and family had brought up a bag of dried cherries on their last trip up to her hometown a month ago. And they did not take it back with them, even though they had every intention of doing so.

So I took it back with us when we went to see them two weeks ago.

And then again, a week ago.

Both times I forgot to say, “Remember to take the cherries!”

Or maybe I did. Again, the faultline of memory is pretty large.

So I have the bag sitting on my countertop. Should I ask people who are going to Israel to take it with them? Should I save it to take with me when I go in December?

What is the reference point that makes this need to return the cherries so strong?

The package says:

Reminds you of home.

When we were in Israel, when they were still there, in the summer of 2007, I took the two little ones cherry picking. There were a slew of cherry trees full of their fruit right next to their apartment, and no one was picking them. So we spent a delicious amount of time picking them. Then we tasted them (once my SIL took the appropriate tithes, which is so cool) and realized why no one else was picking them. They were sour.

No worries–I took them and made lemonade. Add sugar and cook them and make a great sauce.

I also spent a bit of time right now looking for the Gush Etzion cherry festival. I found lots of references to the one in 2012. So what’s going on now? Here’s the thing.

השנה לא יהיה קטיף דובדבנים עקב מיעוט פרות על העצים.

This year there will not be a cherry-picking festival due to the lack of fruit on the trees.

Oh. Pity.

Clearly things don’t necessarily turn out how we anticipate.

But I did find a photo of our little big girl doing rudimentary gymnastics at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo from that time.

This is the same one who is now doing cartwheels. (See previous post.)



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