Torah, rabbis, and outfits

A humorous note because it looks like we’ll need to find the humor this week.

Today, after ISHI’s first dvar Torah (sermon) of the day, given in honor of an upcoming wedding tomorrow (which we will miss due to the funeral of our SIL’s grandmother), the mother of the groom asked how he came up with such great speeches that really fit every occasion. I told her first thanks, and then proceeded to reveal that it was really like getting dressed for an occasion. You look at what you already have, figure out what’s the best fit for that day, and then accessorize to make it special. Because really, most rabbis have a handful of basic ideas that they re-clothe to suit the event.

Oh! Suit. I see that works, too!

Sometimes, you treat yourself to a new outfit for really special occasions. But as you get older, you realize that’s not really necessary at all.

After all, there’s nothing new under the sun.




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