breaking which walls?

Yesterday, a little rascal who is too young to know the reference ran from his mother on one side of the women’s section in our synagogue over to the other and waited for a half a millisecond with this rascally look on his face, then proceeded to push open the emergency door in our mechitzah (separation between the women’s and men’s sections) to escape to his father.

I knew it was going to happen. I could have walked over and stopped him.

I didn’t.

A few seconds later, he returned to return to his mother via the door, but she was standing guard at this point and showed him the way to expected behavior. In this case.

I was amused because of the timing.

We are finishing the first of three weeks of  Bein haMetzarim, “Between the Straits”, which started last Tuesday with the commemoration of the breaching of the walls of Jerusalem, leading up to Tisha B’Av, the destruction of the Holy Temple. I mentioned it to the mom and she was too busy feeling embarrassed and being on the job to react.

She would have gotten it. I also told her how I enjoyed watching him breach the wall.

So I think you get the irony.

There’s no emergency here. And that movie about the zombies, World War Z. I’m not going to see this one. It’s not my taste, to put it mildly. I am curious about the mythology (what Bruce Lincoln defines as “ideology in narrative form ) that the screenwriter used, with [SPOILER ALERT!] the idea of the 10th man saving Israel for a while, but how the zombies breach the wall that was protecting it.

And so I’m not going to use that as my metaphor for what Judaism has to do–maintain walls and divisions. I’ve written before about how there is much to change and much to work on; I try try try to be honest in my assessment.

Divisions always are there, but they change. Different things need bolstering at different times. You can think about it like the items we women choose to wear to fight gravity. They weren’t necessary before, but oh yes they are now.

So am I saying that Judaism is an aging female?

Or a young rascal?



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