wait wait don’t go there

I see I forgot to hit “draft” when saving a photo from my phone.


So much to learn.

I wanted to say something about my gratitude today.

Something along the lines of being happy with what I have, very happy to be home, getting past the annoyance of schlepping upstairs to go the bathroom, especially in the middle of the night, since we’re redoing the one right next to our bedroom, which was so much more convenient than sharing bath/bedroom with our granddaughter/grandchildren/children and assorted strangers that I’ve been doing for the last few weeks on the road. Something along the lines of remembering how we first put in the bathroom upstairs when I was pregnant with D#2 and our bedroom was actually upstairs at the time, and oh schlepping to the bathroom down the stairs in the middle of the night while pregnant was not fun but what was the choice?

And realizing that having a bathroom at all is a luxury (I’m still caught on guilt) and we are so blessed and fortunate and patience is a virtue.



And they promised promised promised it would be ready for next weekend when the kiddies come here.

And one bathroom just won’t cut it anymore.


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