No standing anytime

I’m not sitting around.

I’m going from room to room, making piles, making lists, shoving things into bags, drinking some coffee.

I’m also waiting for um at least three people to call me back for work. I sent out all the emails I can and yes I’m also making calendars for my summer program. But right now, I’m trying to organize my daughter’s house to figure out what she should take or leave or even sell before she moves to Israel.

So here’s my list so far:

Things to give to D#1 or us: 
Things to give away:
Immersion blenders
desk(that was first owned by a family visiting from Israel and needs to continue making the rounds) 
Things to sell:

It’s actually a lot longer than that, but that’s the 3-pronged plan; keep, give to those who need, get what you can.

I also put away one bag of outgrown boys’ winter clothing to be given to the little boy cousin. I’ll continue tomorrow with this and other exciting things.

This evening I held the baby who I think is teething of course now in time for me to be in charge while the parents went out to a community function. I know they’d rather be home, but you can’t stay still.

So this is the true-to-life opposite of my last post: you can’t stay still. Because everything will move around you and so even if you think you’re staying still and yes, being-here-now, you’re not. Nothing is constant except for change, right?

I took this photo the other day when we were leaving Crown Heights after spending the day with our Aussie son and his two big ones, and heading towards three hours in the car going to New Jersey in the deluge.


I guess if you’re going to stand around, at least bring your sense of humor.


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