all the zoo images to think about

We took our New Jersey grandchildren into the city to meet up with their Australian cousins who are here for a very short week. So the Central Park Zoo was a central location to meet up before we met with more family celebrating the college graduation of our nephew. Phi Beta Kappa, no less!

At the end of the zoo visit, I asked the NJ cousins what was their favorite animal they saw there. The penguins got the biggest response. Our biggest girl said that was honestly because it was cooler in that space on a very hot day. Honesty is always good. The middle one said the snow leopard; up close but not personal. Yes, he said that. I had mentioned the phrase earlier in the day and he really got it! Oy, such pride I’ve got!

I thought that the human animals were quite clearly the most fascinating.

Here are a few images from today.



If you click on the photo above and peer inside the caves, you might also see the snow monkeys who were trying desperately to avoid the unusually hot May sun!



What was a bigger show–the seals or the people?





The two 3 year-olds finding lots of commonality.


And leaving the zoo, really encountering the oddest animals of them all.

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