didn’t have this in mind when thinking of what to write about

I didn’t want to write about Mother’s Day, although I have been thinking about my mother a lot recently. Our grandson who just turned 7 the other day was born right before she died, so I always think about her on his birthday. On top of that, this year her yahrzeit, the Hebrew date of her death, comes up very early, as these things cycle through. It’s next week. The Gregorian date is June 5. So having it come into May sort of gets me thinking more and more about her.

There is a boy in our community whose birthday is the same day as my mother’s death. I remember that so very well. We celebrated his birthday at school; I went home and ate a green apple, and got the phone call. This young man got called up to the Torah as a bar mitzvah yesterday.

So you see, it’s on my mind.

My father called a little while ago with bad news. Sometimes he can say he’s got bad news, but you can hear the giggle in the back of his voice that let’s you know he’s kidding. Today there was no giggle. No tickle. Just the news.

It was a nice day today, but I never felt warm, even outside. The temperature dropped just now significantly, which makes sense to me.

I had called my brother earlier in the day to wish him a happy birthday, but he wasn’t home.

Good for him.

What my father had to share was that a cousin of mine had a heart attack and died. We have not been close since really ever, even though we were very close with the rest of that side of the family. My aunt, who also married into the family and is now only one of 3 in-laws left out of 10, had called him. They are not involved in Judaism in any significant way and are having some kind of memorial service on Tuesday. My father did not press her for more information. We could not remember the sister’s name. I had to go to our Geni site, request a new password, since I had not bothered remembering it, and look up the family tree.

My cousin had just turned 61.

Too close for comfort and too far away, also.



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