watching life unfold in the most expected and unexpected ways

Since it was  rainy today and I couldn’t spend so much time outside, I’ll post a few from my last couple of nice walks I did with my camera.


Wait–I didn’t walk with my camera.


But perhaps I did.

ISHI and I went on this walk together. But since I did take my camera, he knew to be ready to stop at various times to look around for me, taking another photo.


There’s nothing wrong with observing. I was there then, but also bringing it back to be here now.

(Click on each of them to open them up w-i-d-e!)


This one below  is through a car window on our return from our ladies’ day at the museum the other day. We had stopped at a red light. I was very taken with the choice of the color of the house.


Take it in while we can, before the light changes.


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  1. I just have to laugh – I am infamous for taking slow walks because I stop to photograph things so often. And sometimes people will make the observation that if you’re taking a picture, you’re not really “there” in the moment. I find that’s rarely the case. I try to be mindful of the possibility though, and stop and use my other senses, put the camera down, etc., if I think I’m losing touch. That light is very beautiful – it’s precious isn’t it, because it just lasts a month or so, maybe less, then it changes.

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