can i be the folk in the folk music?

Yesterday, when I was driving to the store to pick out new tiles for our bathroom, I heard this song. I found the version I like the most on YouTube and it’s here below.

It made me think about how much I usually love folk music. I can find fault in much (as I did in my last post) for its oversimplicity that masquerades as lack of effort and value for the listener. But sometimes, actually often, the words drive the music so deeply. I know that different things affect people differently, but how can you hold yourself back from being moved by this?

Or why would you?

I already wrote two years ago here about how our kids made fun of us for our love of folk music. Now, of course, it’s becoming more popular. Good thing. I had saved this entry from from March about folk music’s entry into the American musical scene in the 1950’s, which led to the popularity of Bob Dylan (about whom the book was written).

“Those that followed or considered themselves part of the folk revival placed great importance on an elusive quality in music that might be described as authenticity. To be respected in the folk community, musicians had to perform traditional songs in a manner true to the original, while also making the songs distinctively their own. The starting point was to find and learn from the earliest and purest forms of the songs.

 Authentic is so often just the opposite. It’s so refreshing to hear something that makes the human connections that are really at the source of all communication. Or is it the other way around?


2 responses

  1. This is sweetly authentic. Some folk music can be very corny, but some great musical experiences I had were when I lived in Western NC, in the foothills of he Appalachians, at neighborhood country music dances. Local people played real fiddle music within a tradition that goes back generations, and is so connected to the place. Talk about authentic. That was it.

    • and they don’t need any validation from outside! I think that’s really the definition of authentic. Thanks again for your comments and your visits!

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