Word of the Week Challenge: Court Reporter (WARNING – HUMOR)

Please be ready to grab the tissues to wipe the tears from laughing so much!

Anne Squared

The United States legal system is the full interconnected system of judicial, regulatory and governmental authorities who together administer and enforce the laws of the United States, operate the judicial system, and resolve judicial disputes and appeals. (Wikipedia) (Note: If I ever use Wikipedia as a reference or source, I am not too serious about my topic. This is a first for me.) There are rules and roles that the players must follow.

Everyone is serious in court. It is a place of quiet, order and respect. If someone gets out of hand, the Boss bangs the gavel and shouts “Order in the Court” or “Bailiff, clear the courtroom” and “If you dare act like that again, I will find you in contempt and charge you $200 and a Happy Meal.”

Have you ever wondered, though, about the Court Reporter? The silent observer, recording every single word, pause, noise, in order…

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