what is the only response but keep on sprouting


Yes, the crunchy granola recipe is there purposefully.

In the aftermath of crazy, I feel more inclined to be purposeful. But this is something that I had started beforehand.

When we were in Australia, I was very taken with the device that my DIL had for sprouting. It was a jar with a built-in tilt. So I was inspired to restart my sprouting, as I had done many years ago. I had my old top to screw onto a wide-mouth jar, but I had no jar. After searching at Whole Food (you’d think they’d have something and not just barbecuing equipment, yes?) and Amazon, I came up with this. As you can see in the photo, it’s got 4 levels, but I’m starting with just 2; one alfalfa and one mung bean.

And so why am I inclined to write about this?

  1. to show that American ingenuity can bring good into the world (it’s a great system–I just started it on Monday and they’re really growing nicely!
  2. to say that yes, we will prevail. And we will grow. But it will take work and commitment.

I love Boston. I don’t have to go there that often so I can enjoy the city. It’s a city on a nice scale. For my birthday last year, we went in for dinner and to walk around. Guess where?

I don’t have any photos from Boylston St., even though that’s where we parked. I did take a few others, though, on Newbury, including this one.


There was a gallery with a Barbie collection. Barbie all grown-up. I think that fits my mood now, feeling like things don’t make sense.

But I’m going to add a piece that I took at the MFA a little while before that, which is an indication of my mood, even on Israeli Independence Day, Yom HaAtzma’ut. I had been somewhat preoccupied yesterday with thinking about Israel, about the loss of over 25, 000 people over the years, and not knowing how things will really change.

Or maybe it’s because it’s remembering the blue and the white.




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