found during my Pesach clean-up

  • A bunch of old receipts that that had fallen behind a bureau. They were so old that I couldn’t even read what’s on them or when they’re from. Or whose they were.
  • One pair of sunglasses behind the same bureau.

No chametz, no food, just sunglasses and paper. (And a warren of dust bunnies.)

photo (10)

That’s my desk. See my shopping list to the side?

ISHI took the photo with his Iphone.

Here’s a close-up of the glasses. I took this one with my Droid. (Click on it for a cool view:) ) What do you think?


Do you see the upside-down USA Olympics insignia? There is also a matching set on the ends of the earpieces. USA! USA!

Made in China.

No clue who they belong to.

I know they’re not my father’s. He refuses to buy things made in China. I can’t see that we can avoid it completely. How do we make them responsible?

We’ve had a lot of guests this past year. Guests from all over the world.

Okay, just from Israel, Australia, Canada, and, of course, USA(!).

None from China.

I have no idea whose they are. I know they’re not so fancy, not Oakley’s, not Nike’s, not even Foster-Grants.

But I still have an obligation to return them to their owner.

Easier than achieving world peace, but maybe just as elusive.

But figuring out what has true value? Maybe that’s the first step.

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