why clean the playroom?

A lot of people are writing about their methods of cleaning for Pesach since I wrote about it two years ago. I’m actually not going to link to the one that I have a problem with, which will become obvious in a matter of moments.

This woman writes about how to clean in one day.

Step one: hire a cleaning lady to do most of the work before you take your one day to do it.

Step two: spend all day cleaning top to bottom. All day. Twenty-four hours.

Okay, not 24 hours, but close.

Okay, not really close, but you know how you schedule time and things happen to interfere with your schedule?

Do you see where I might have a problem with it?

So, my counter-proposal.

Step one: save your money and don’t bother hiring anyone, or if you do, don’t write about how you’re doing so much.

Step two: take your time! Don’t do it in one day!

And if you have little kids, there is a larger reason for taking your time. First of all, you don’t have 24 hours to devote to it. And just as important, you want them to know something is changing, besides the crocuses finally showing up from under the snow. (YAY!!) Spring is coming, and it comes gradually. And so does Pesach, even if it feeeeeels like it just jumps up and grabs you by the horns.

And if you don’t have little kids at home, it’s just too hard to do it all in one day. I’m exhausted after cleaning the playroom!

So why did I start there? After all, I don’t let anyone eat there. But I knew I was missing most of my Pesach props–the little finger puppets for the 10 plagues, the set of frogs, the 4 question puppets. And I figured they must have gotten mixed in with the toys.

I was right!



Not only did I find the props, I also found

  • a boy’s navy blue sock (that definitely needs washing)
  • my missing list of sick people to pray for
  • and a few other things I did not know I was missing. Just too much stuff.

I took the time to reorganize everything. I am sure that the kiddies will honor my new system. Aren’t you?


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