all the king’s experts

I know; that’s now how the nursery rhyme goes. And this is not about the sequester. I’m no expert on that and apparently, neither is anyone else.

I wanted to indicate what we know, what we think we know, and what we need to know.

It’s a fundamental of teaching, whether it’s information to share or specific skill sets.

What do we need to know?

I actually forget what inspired me to write this. I had written it a bit ago and stuck it in my drafts, but something today made me bring it out.

I do not consider myself an expert at much. I know a lot about a lot of things, mostly useless, as most people do. I know basically what I need to know.

Sort of.

Many many years ago, someone said they had something to ask me, something on which I was an expert, but they couldn’t remember what it was.

“Expert? Me?”

So for the few seconds until they recalled their question, I thought about what that could be.


Not even that. I was an expert at making it exactly as I made it, but not in any other way or any other recipe.

“Oh, I remember. It’s about wearing short sleeves. Why do you wear them?”

Now this is many years ago, before my arms decided that they were happier being covered with 3/4 length sleeves mostly during the summer months. Not because of modesty, but honestly because of looking at other women who don’t and saying to myself that I don’t want other people to think about me the way I might think about those women, if I were that kind of woman to think that kind of thing about others…

Are you following?

But at the time, I did wear short sleeves. And I mumbled something about wearing what is appropriate to wear in front of royalty, which is the answer I had been given many years ago. But that’s really how you are supposed to dress to go to services, standing before the King.

And it’s not like I looked like Michelle Obama with her amazing guns that Iran felt needed to be covered.

אובמה על המסך (משמאל), ובתמונה שהופצה באיראן (צילום: AFP, פארס)

Obama on the screen (L), and in Iranian media (Photos: AFP, Fars)

So maybe it is, I’m not sure.

But I’m no expert in it. Or fashion. Or style. Or baking.

I just do what I need to.

Except I really need to learn how to do things with video and I’m stumped. I feel like this:


Chips and all.

You see, I videotaped someone yesterday doing a series of how-to’s for our mikveh. It went well and all until I looked at them. And that’s when I realized what I really really wanted to know.

Why is there video of my skirt?

Snapshot 1 (3-5-2013 4-17 PM)


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