never underestimate the power of little problems

And by that, I bet you thought I meant that they can pile up and become big ones.

I do, but actually, I meant the opposite.

Little problems are going to be there. And be grateful that they are little.

Sure, figure out how to make them as really small as possible. That goes without saying. But don’t expect them to go away completely.

Don’t try to figure out what I’m referring to. It’s a little thing.

It seemed huge Friday when I thought about it. And perhaps it was, or it could have been. Right now, it’s still a little thing and it needs monitoring. (no, not a health thing or not really anything about me or us or my family, but that doesn’t take it away from its place of importance. There are always other problems that will come to fill the void.)

But last night, as I was lighting my Shabbat candles and I was really being cognizant  mindful, conscious (and there must be a better word) of the prayer that accompanies the blessing. Oh look, I wrote about it last year around this time of year, right before Purim! That’s actually very interesting because it’s part of what I was thinking about.

I admit it: I copied the English off of some site and I was not being careful to match what I have. And last night, I was most aware (YES–that’s the word!) of the phrase almost at the bottom:

Please, hear my pleading at this time.

The other one puts my pleading as our prayers. Not the same. And it skips over

בעת הזאת at this time.

which was what I focused on. Then and there. I was aware of “this time”, this moment.

I knew that this moment was all I could reach out for.

The world is so big, with asteroids and meteorites and bears oh my crashing into us at any moment.

And yet the world is very small, how we even enter each others’ dreams and consciousness.

We can’t do anything more at this moment except what we are able to do.

So we ask for help.

Because we are little.

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  1. I absolutely stood stock still when I read that line. “Please, hear my pleading at this time.” Because just today I called that out too. Because today I recognised (yet again) how very small I am. I am learning that in all things, big and small, to trust in the One holding it all together. “Whom have I in heaven but You?” ~ Psalm 73:25 Thank you so much. A big tight hug! Sharon

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