because i’m so color-starved

and not because of tomorrow.

In case you don’t know, I don’t “celebrate” Valentine’s Day. Let me count the ways why not.

  1. Blatant commercialism!!
  2. Wrong religion, simply. I don’t do saints. Of any kind.
  3. I find it horrible to push “love” on people as a day to celebrate. There’s too much pressure on people to do it up and that’s just sad.
  4. And obnoxious.
  5. Did I mention how much I hate the commercialism of the day?

Okay, so really I need an infusion of color because of winter here in our part of the universe. Maybe that’s why the red of the sales, I mean, of the day, is so appealing. I know you’re thinking, “but you just came back from Australian summer!” So? That was already weeks ago!!!!

Yes, my square of my tan on my feet is still there, but it’s not enough.

On my walk today, I was breathing in all the blue sky and that was wonderful. But somehow the coolness of the blue doesn’t do enough. So I’m forced to go back and post my series on red.

I don’t wear red. It doesn’t work with my coloring or¬†temperament. But I was happy to find a lot of people who do or at least did for my sake.

And hopefully yours.

The first two are from LA, from LACMA. The others are from the environs of Melbourne and Victoria. And yes, pink is a tint of red, so we’re including that a bit.


DSC_0609 (2)

DSC_0567 (2) 2013-01-24_18-19-23_247 DSC_0958 DSC_0544 (2) DSC_0527 (2) DSC_0141 (2)


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