fade to black

I’m certainly not talking about my financial situation…

Did you see that blip of the Dow up to 1400 the other day? That was our doing, I’m sure.

New suitcase, kindle, lacrosse balls, gifts for the kiddies, gifts bought while there for the kiddies here, many many double espressos, food and more food, (a bottle of kosher Australian wine cost us $36 there; the same bottle sells for $13 in LA!), entrance fees to all the tourist traps (Did I mention how you should NOT go to Puffing Billy, unless you really really like being bored out of your mind or unless you only go one way. I should have been the one to offer to drive back to meet everyone at the other end, except for my fear of driving on the left!), and really, all the others were well-worth it.

Lacrosse balls, I said? Yes,

Yes, indeed. Even if you’ve never played lacrosse, this one is a must. Once you hit a certain age, sitting anywhere for several hours at a time can lead to aches and pains. But sitting in coach class is especially conducive to getting a neck ache, tight shoulders, or stiff back. Buy a lacrosse ball and carry it with you wherever you travel. When the aches and pains kick in, pinpoint the tender muscles and use the ball to massage the aches away. It really works! Tennis balls are okay in a pinch, too, and weigh less if you’re concerned about a few extra ounces in your bag—but they’re softer and slightly less effective at working out those muscle knots.

I did my reading–thank you, Smarter Travel!

So what is this black I speak of? Not my suntan, although I do have this interesting square on each of my feet from where the sun did shine. It’s the propensity to wear black in winter. I had read in a Lonely Planet book on Melbourne that the residents are big on wearing black, but I didn’t find that to be the case.

Okay, now that I look back on my photos, it is.

(As always, click on any and they’ll zoom out at ‘ya.)



At least they dress the children in color!

Melbourne Museum

Then again, I did find one photo that was certainly an exception:
Acland St

And then we go to LA and see this amazing exhibit at the Annenberg Space for Photography called “No Strangers–Ancient Wisdom in a Modern World”, full of color and life. Check out their website, if you have a chance. Or better yet, go if you can.

And what do we see when we get out?

Annenberg Space for Photography


I felt like we stumbled onto a movie set!

And yet, I’m wearing black today. Sigh.

But a green skirt.

Holding out for my second summer.


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