21 things i learned from australia

A running list, in no particular order, unless I change my mind:

  1. [I woke up at some point this morning, or was it still night (probably somewhere in the world), thinking “instead of saying…” about something that I experienced in Australia, but now I can’t remember what I was thinking, and so it led me to writing this. I may remember; I may not.] So here is a place to fill in the blank:                                                   .
  2. That’s the fun in life; taking what you can and
  3. “No worries”.
  4. Here’s another place to add your own comment, since I really remembered something else a while ago and already forgot it. It will come back to me. I promise.
  5. Driving on the left side of the road can be fun, if someone else is doing it.
  6. It can also be terrifying.
  7. Not having to think about which direction cars are coming from–priceless.
  8. It’s really easier to help people than not. Okay, that’s not true, but oh what a difference in attitude!
  9. Say what you mean.
  10. Sleep is amazing.
  11. Digital cameras with 1 memory card holding over 1500 photos and short videos are amazing, too! Okay, that’s not about Australia, in particular, but that’s my experience now. And that’s with a spare memory card, just in case.
  12. Not having a working phone is terrifying and freeing.
  13. I find myself thanking G-d a whole lot, with feeling.
  14. Hugs are amazing, especially from little ones.
  15. Okay, from everyone.
  16. There’s nothing like picnics, especially upwind from BBQ’s, which truly are ubiquitous there.
  17. I really really hate the smell of burning flesh. Sorry. I know you thought this list would be upbeat and happy. I’ll try to resume my positive train of thought, but no shrimp on the barbie for me!
  18. The best things in life really are free, but it doesn’t hurt to have the money to get to the places where you can enjoy those freebies. Okay, I knew that already, but it was mightily reinforced.
  19. Having a second summer; also priceless, ‘though mightily expensive.
  20. Not taking your coffee for granted, but not making it such a compulsion. We had some of the best and the worst coffee experiences there. I’ve always been hesitant about people who go on about their knowledge or expertise, and now that’s reinforced.
  21. I’ve said “insane” about more things this trip than probably ever before. For example, how many times have you looked up through the skylight in the toilet and seen a hot air balloon over your head?

Melbourne sunrise surprise


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