enjoy the things we can control and even the things we can’t,

when we can.

We can set our itinerary.

We can’t know whether the pilot is in a bad mood or the people sitting next to us will be pleasant in advance.

We can learn about where we’re going, the history, the sights that are on everyone’s lists, the best destinations and even the best places to eat.

We won’t know whether they were telling the whole truth or why they think those are really worthwhile.

We can pack for the weather we think we’re going to get.

We won’t know what the cards are until they are dealt.

If I were writing a book, I might think that this was too kitschy. First, I babysit while the kids and ISHI go our for one evening. Then they come home and I’m sitting in the dark and my DIL trips over my computer cord, with my computer attached. It now has a big bite out of the corner, but it still works.

I’ll deal with it at home. No worries.

And then, we go back to the home where we’re staying and our hostess informs us that her husband is in hospital with a heart condition.

Yup, couldn’t plan for that one.

He’s home now, in his home. I couldn’t bring myself to write about it, even though it happened two weeks ago. I needed to wait to see how it would work out.

I’m certainly not in control of that.

He is all set for now. And I re-learned a lesson that I guess I needed to re-learn.

So enjoy what you can.

When you can.



2 responses

  1. If not now when. Miss you and enjoying the pictures and wisdom as always. Daughter is settled in the land and we are empty nesting. Not sure what the birds have for us today, but the sun is warm even when it 7 degrees and the 3 dogs are chillin at the dog park. Life is good

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