no, really it was duchess drooper!

The pharmacy just sent me a link saying I had $4 in bonus bucks to claim. All I had to do was sign in, with my password.


I don’t have a memory of it; I can’t find it in my saved passwords, so I asked for a hint.

They sent me a new link, asking for the name of my childhood pet.

Whew–I know that one. Duchess Drooper, the basset hound. Isn’t that a great name? We called her Duchess for short.

We had other pets, including dogs and cats, but I would have thought that was the one I would have mentioned.

Apparently not.

[Wait a minute–was her name Duchess? I know my nickname or actually my alias was Dorothy Drooper, Private Eye, Dot for Short. But that’s another story for another time.]


And now, of course, I’m frozen out of the account.


Easy come, easy go and all that.

We called our credit card companies to inform them we’d be travelling this month to destinations heretofore undiscovered. The fellow representing the company where we have mileage said, “Whoa, you got a lot of miles!!!!”

He actually indicated how many, but his tone was pretty much on that level.

Yes, we plan on redeeming them afterwards to pay for this trip.

Car seat arrived, pink Legos arrived, various pajamas and onesies and outfits acquired; I am, thank the Lord, packed.

I’m delaying finishing up some letters and such for work now. I’ll finish them off and then go to sleep.

Thank God we’ll have Shabbat to rest up; the taxi is coming at 4 am on Sunday. Oh that’s just a late Saturday night in my book.

It was 9º this morning here; we’re off to 90° in Australia. I can’t say that I’m not looking forward to that!

But really, I’m really looking forward to tickling our grandchildren in person.

And if we see a few kangaroos and didgeridoos in person, it will be enough.

No, it will be amazing!

And, as the airline lady said as we were confirming all the details of our flight today, “No worries.”

Good enough indeed.


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