do you have a three-prong adaptor for Australia?

Apparently, WordPress dictionary (or is it Google?) doesn’t know what an adaptor is. You can’t see the red wavy line that comes up when I type it in when I publish it, but perhaps this is a good mini-theme for travel.

You have to be able to adapt.

So, trying to get my house in order, in order to leave the house:

  • I renewed my passport.
  • I’ve downloaded and personalized my travel list.
  • I’ve unlocked my phone and bought SIM cards (oh they don’t like Sim, either–wavy lines all over the place!)
  • I’ve bought a lightweight suitcase, shoes, toiletry bag, laptop, sweater, a refillable perfume atomizer, collapsible water bottles, a Kindle  (in fact, the only thing not lightweight is me;) )
  • I’ve bought  stuff to take for the kiddies
  • I’ve bought a small and a large purses with Smart rfid-blocking pocket protects personal data on passports and credit cards
  • I’ve found my extra memory cards for my camera

But in this hunt for things small and light, I’ve found out that we don’t have this aforementioned three-prong adaptor. Here’s what we need:

OEM Power Supplies - Voltage Specifications by Country

Oh, I think we’ll manage to find one or two before we go, or

we’ll adapt.

I know that there are many things we have not done yet. The normal things, like stopping the mail  and the newspaper (you can do that now online, so that’s pretty easy).

We haven’t figured out what we’re actually going to do in Australia; we can’t make big plans with little kids. Day trips will probably suffice. Our son says that when you go outside and see every tree and flower and animal and know that they are so very different, that’s a trip.

Oh yeah, ISHI downloaded an app for recognizing birds there. Oh my.

And, of course, there is still more time before we go, enough to have to go food shopping, in the rain, come home and put the food away, and apparently, plenty of time to drop a 48 oz bottle of tomato juice on the floor in the utility cabinet next to my washing machine…

Pardon me, I have to finish washing the floor.


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