get it yet? Israel is not going away

I started formulating this last week. Here’s what I read that made me realize how precious Israel is:

May I Purpose an Alternative to Prayer

Wed Nov 21, 2012 2:18 pm (PST) . Posted by: [someone in Israel on the Nefesh B’Nefesh yahoo group]

I Chas Vishalom I am not in anyway asking you not to pray,  and this is only my thoughts, but,  for those of us who are taking care of our family’s with very hectic schedules and can not Daven the way we would like   I would like to purpose and alternative  The way we will save ourselves and our nation is by Chesed and Chesed starts at home so every time you don’t yell at your kids, wife, husband, parents…. today  Every Time your turn a cheek to your neighbors annoying ways  Every time your driving and want to yell back at the guy who cut you off STOP  STOP and say I am going to smile and swallow it and say a little prayer “This is to save my family friends soldiers and nation”  Thank You and Thank You for every Chesed you have ever done to another Jew that is  making those rocket miss most  every target  BiChasde Hashem

Translation: chesed is an act of lovingkindness, one that is done without regard for payback or quid pro quo; an act that is out of proportion for the initial move or need of the other person.

And Nefesh B’Nefesh is an organization that helps bring Jews home to Israel, from all over the world.

What this woman is saying is brilliantly essential. Prayer is personal; prayer is meaningful. But when we as a nation are being judged for whether we should exist at all, our reaction should be to be with others in a significant way.

There are other articles that show the opposite from the other side, too many to mention, but of course, I’ll link a few for fun, even though I know you won’t really look at them. So go here and here, if you want to get why Israel is so important.

I’m pretty tired with the underdog sad eyed Palestinian children being held up as victims. Yes, they are victims of their own leaders, who are not leading but trailing behind, today’s actions at the UN notwithstanding.

Did you ever note how the UN is just like 7Up, the Uncola?

(From the 7Up site on its history)

Here’s proof, also from last November 21:

Outrage: Following terrorist attack in Tel Aviv UN General Assembly 2nd Committee slams Israel for “uprooting trees”…

It seems that satire brings more interest than facts. Having genocidal Sudan introduce  the Palestine “observer state” resolution is charming.

Cleverness aside, seriously, Israel is not going away. We’re not picking up and moving to Europe. They kicked us Jews out once and we don’t have to be told twice, or at least more than that. And you know what? We Jews are pretty stiffnecked, after all. We’ll stay in Israel, despite all the dancing around of the silly un-nations. And as long as we continue our chesed along with our prayers and our smarts and our guns, we will prevail.


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