watch over and what kind of canoe do i use?

I’m ba-ack.


In the short run, it was easier than deciding where else to go. While trying to figure out how to go where, the prices kept going up and up, like the time that we decided to go househunting before we decided to put on an addition 28 years ago. It’s like the they are watching my economic behavior and thus decide how to inflate prices as I show interest.

But back to travel decisions. Baby in DC is going to have to take care of his parents for a while, until they all go to NY for Thanksgiving. Baby in Philadelphia is staying put and not budging, to everyone’s surprise.

That’s babies, for you. But then again, why should they be any different from anyone else?

Because most of us are pretty predictable.

So from my home now, I can post some photos of my DC time. It’s pretty remarkable how:

  1. DC’ers favor bright colors (especially as compared to NY’ers!)–quite nice to see
  2. their city trees match the buildings
  3. if they don’t match, they create amazing contrasts
  4. at lunch time, all kinds of wheels come out. There are more people delivering catered meals than, well, I don’t know what. But business of government must be good.
  5. people are fascinating. Okay, that’s everywhere. Do you find yourself not understanding people because you assume everyone else is speaking another language when you go to another city? I do.
  6. You never know what you’re going to see, so keep your eyes open and be amazed.

Okay, now those photos.

Oh, the title? You know the math problem about how many canoes does it take to cross a river with a certain amount of people? That’s what my life feels like these days. So I just simplified the problem and decided not to cross again just yet. Sort of back to default.

And I found my watch. Did I mention that I had misplaced it the whole time I was in DC? Of course, it was in one of the gazillion pockets in my carry-on, where I had tucked it before boarding the plane the first time. That was right after I had been asked by the TSA guard if I had an alternative form of identification, since my license had expired almost a year ago.

I could have sworn I had put it back on…

And I was able to renew my license online. Oh the little things we get to be grateful for.

As long as we don’t miss the big ones, too.


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