new dog, help old dog

Or alternately, what’s an empanada to do?

Babies don’t have an easy time of it. They have so much to learn sooo quickly. We on the caretaking end of things can get frustrated with their nonchalant way of doing things. Why can’t they make up their minds? Why aren’t they sticking with what they did yesterday?

Yes, I’m kidding. I’m truly amazed at how much babies do learn so quickly. They are completely malleable and yet not. We have to learn how to respect them.

Then again, my son just started singing a song to the little one:

“When you get to Kindergarten, you will learn your multiplication tables.

When you get to First Grade, you will get your first Pulitzer Prize.”

Maybe he sang Nobel Prize for Literature, I don’t remember.

Tongue firmly in cheek–the son, not the grandson. The grandson has his ready for action, believe me.

I, on the other hand, have so much more to learn and with such a slower upturn, to boot. Not that I have more to learn than he does, but I just will accomplish it at such a slower rate. If I wait a few years, he’ll be able to teach me all of these things that are frustrating me now.

I have to learn WYSIWYG for HTML editor for work. If you don’t know what that is, join the club. I’m looking for a YouTube now to help me. I tried following directions on the site, but that didn’t work. Try try again, or come at it from another angle.

This baby is so smart. He has figured out how to totally stymie his parents. Not only did he figure out how to release material from every orifice while taking a bath just now, but he clearly enjoyed watching his parents’ reactions. He did not make a peep (although he made all kinds of other things) until right after he was taken out of the bathtub.

At a certain point, you just have to pay attention and take it in. That refers to him and to me. I’m not going to any of the rallies that are being held in support of Israel because I’m here to help and all hands on deck. On the one hand, I feel guilty about that.

On the other, we’re creating the future here. Lord knows we need his help with that.

So I’m going to end here with a photo that I took today here in DC–it pretty much proves how much help we all need.

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