looking out for red poppy pins today

No, sigh. I haven’t bought one yet.

Or made one.

I know, that could be easy enough.

Veterans Day is far enough away from my life that I don’t have to really think about it.

I know, I’m very blessed.

I’m at the airport again, going back down to see #10 and his parents and I’m aware of the day by the following ways:

  1. My kaluach.net calendar service sent me a notice a few days ago.
  2. The comics had refereces, although more for the “funny” fact that today is 11-11.
  3. There was a notice in the center of town for the commemoration that would occur an hour from when we were there (right now, actually).
  4. The president just finished speaking about it and I glanced up at the TV monitor in the waiting area when I heard his voice. Now there’s someone from the armed forces singing “God Bless America” with the appropriate tenor and timbre of the day.
  5. My blentry from two years ago, “I think I will look for a red poppy pin” has had over 1000 hits the last few days.

I am grateful for those who are brave enough to serve us. Lord knows we don’t necessarily deserve it. I guess that’s the only true response; to step up to the challenge of honest respect and honor of all creatures of this world.

And in the small world category, I just said high to one fellow from our shul who is serving in intelligence in the military. He just came from DC and now he’s on his way home to eat salami for the day.

I can honor that.

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