why they said mazel tov for a divorce

It’s important to keep the windows open, even in the winter.

Yes, I mean metaphoric windows, what else?

Or at least look out the ones that are provided for you, literally.

Today, the man who was at the rabbinic court got a much-needed laugh when he looked out the window and saw someone (let’s say it was a man) carrying a pink plunger and a Victoria’s Secret bag. I asked whether they (VS) should pay him not to carry the bag. That, I think, is the definition of bad advertising.

At least the plunger was pink.

Then they called us in and they were ready to proceed.

I should add that I was there to accompany the woman, so she shouldn’t be alone.

I can’t imagine going through this alone.

For a Jewish divorce, there are a few parts, of course. I’m referring to the actual writing and granting of the divorce, not the parts that lead up to today. First, the rabbis of the court gather all the names of the couple. That takes a while, depending on how many names different people know you by. Then the actual writing of the document is done by a sofer, a scribe, with the quill and ink. That can take a while. And then the ink needs to dry.

This court uses a hair dryer. Practical and effective.

And added another much-needed moment of levity.

And then the soon-to-be-ex-husband receives the newly-dried document, which he then drops into the hands of his any-moment-to-be-ex-wife. And then the head of the rabbinic court tells them this:

“Do you know that before the war, in Europe, they used to wish couples mazel tov upon their divorce?”


“No, it doesn’t have to do with the war. It was customary. They knew that getting a divorce was not a bad thing, but a chance to start over. Everyone needs that. That’s why we have Rosh Chodesh (the new month), Rosh HaShanah, and even Shabbos. A chance to start over. That is precious and that is a good thing.”

I’m editing it a bit.

Why don’t we say it anymore?

Don’t we still believe that starting over, having a fresh outlook, is a good thing?


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