no, really, it’s win-win

I’ve not read many articles about the dire direction our country will turn if this or that one gets elected.

I voted to skip them.

I actually voted a few weeks ago, so this day seems very passe. It made all of the endless phone calls and advertisements/commercials (snail mail, email, internet, magazines, newspapers, and TV) pretty boring at first, but pretty much infuriating by the end.

I read a few articles the past few days or so that actually state the obvious–the USA will not change sooo drastically. Yes, perhaps certain things will get passed or people will get put into positions of power, but really now–will things change that drastically? Thanks to our amazing Founding Fathers, we do have a brilliant system of checks and balances.

Some people may say that’s why we have gridlock; I say that’s why things don’t go too wacky here.

Just look at other countries, for a second, and compare.

And then be very very grateful.

And you see the people who went to vote today without power, but as the “they” said, “they don’t have power, but they have power.”

“Yes, I voted,” Mona Schriver, 68, a nurse at Staten Island University Hospital, told “I voted because it’s the only thing I have left. Everything else is gone.”

Power to the people, indeed.


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