how many people did not blog about Sandy?

There are many of us who are recounting how lucky we consider ourselves–the water only reached the first step; the children were well-behaved during this ordeal by not complaining about watching the same video over and over; the winds only brought down trees on the periphery of the property; we didn’t run out of our medicine, or the baby wasn’t born over this period.

We’ve gotten into the pattern of being grateful at these extreme times about things that yes, we would take for granted at any other time.

I’m very grateful our latest grandbaby decided to be born before the deluge. I can’t imagine ever not being grateful for that.

I’m grateful that we reached DC without incident, that the hotel was warm and quiet and only a block away from our kids, that we could go out to eat the first night and then eat in the other nights, that the internet works and my new laptop is great (poopoo), that the baby is adorable and snuggles up to everyone without fail or warning. That the baby is healthy and that he is home and that we are going to give him a little snip tomorrow and celebrate it with those who can be here. And the others who can’t will meet him soon.

Or later.

And that we will continue to look for reasons to celebrate and be grateful.

I have my camera ready; I have my laptop ready to interconnect to those who can’t be here (oovoo on Facebook with 12 friends at once!). I have my suit and dress shoes and hat and jewelry and all my accoutremonts and will I be ready to remeet this baby with his new name?

Looking foward to it with such gratitude.


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