training into the unknown

That’s a pun, in case you didn’t recognize it.

We’re on the train now down to DC in order to get to meet the new baby and to be there in time to enjoy Sandy from a safe vantage point, God willing. I was reminded how our son, the new abba, became a bar mitzvah during a hurricane.

In July.

So this is fitting, I guess.

What fits is that this is a large show from the heavens of how amazing this baby is going to be.

I guess I will never be accused of not looking for the good in situations.

Babies are so fascinating. Everything about them—all of what we humans do to welcome a new one into our world. And with the expectation that we will be doing all these things for (and to) the baby, we need to be there to support the family.


ISHI canceled his class for tomorrow night and we made reservations for the train for today and we extended our hotel plans and we packed essential clothing, lots and lots of rain gear, and lots of food. I’m sure that ISHI packed a few flashlights, so I didn’t bother.

Even with the last few big powerful storms, our kids did not lose power since they are in pretty close proximity to the POTUS, so I guess that’s another benefit.

The train is really crowded. We’re sitting in the club car. I had brought a travel pillow for sleeping, since I didn’t get enough sleep last night, so it’s not going to be used here.

Or maybe it will.

I’m awed by our powerlessness and I’m humbled by the reality that we’re not in charge.

This baby is.


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