mazel tov–it’s a 10!

Thank God, the baby finally made his entrance after a long night. And thankfully, even though he showed up over a week early, he’s a good size and was singing right away. Since both parents are singers, I would expect nothing less.

Except when my father was born and did his own version of singing, his father supposedly said to anyone who was listening, “He can’t sing–send him back.”

And my father, after reading the email that our son sent out at 6:44 am EST,

With three part harmony singing, Baby was born at 4:15 this morning. He is 20 inches long, and weighs 6 lbs 7.5 oz. He appears to be
male. He has a beautiful countertenor voice and already has a four word vocabulary.
DIL is doing very well. She worked fantastically through the night and is recovering nicely.
I am also doing well.

he called us at 5 am Westcoast time to say

“Mazel tov! What does he mean that ‘he appears to be male?’ ”

And I, who did not sleep very well all night because I was very nervous until we got our call at 5 am our time, said to him,

“I think that’s his idea of humor after not sleeping. I’m sure he’s a boy. We’ll find out about the bris later on. Don’t call him right now.  I told him to go to sleep while he still can.”

I think that your children start really listening to you when they become parents.

So I started this by stating that it’s a 10.

10 grandchildren.

Our machatanim, her parents, are just getting started with this one. They said to us that we must be used to this by now.

Of course, we are not.

This is the first one to this son, after all. And each one is the first one to be his or herself.

And D#1 pointed out that we are so organized (in this digital world) that not only did we have 4 children girl girl boy boy, but the children each had  for their first ones girl girl boy boy!

Thank you for pointing that out!

I just did it to make it easier for my kids to share bedrooms.

God did it for much bigger reasons, I’m sure.

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