operator–what number are you calling?

Am I crazy? I remember when I was young and you wanted to make a long-distance phone call,  the operator would get on the phone and say “Operator…”

But I can’t find anyone who uses this same exact term. I can link a few articles that talk about it a little here and here (unmarried, white, and not Jewish–who knew???), but I was looking at things to pass the time while I’m waiting…

But everyone else is calling me and using me as their–


their operator.

And thus the cycle started.

Okay, I’ll back up.

This morning, while we were out getting our flu shots, our son #1 called and left a message that his wife’s water had broken, sort of, and they were probably going to the hospital.

Of course, we didn’t hear the message until after we came home and he called again, saying the same thing (as it turned out).

And things were not really progressing. And realistically, it could take a while.

So we waited.

But first, I emailed the other sibs so they couldn’t/wouldn’t accuse me this time of not telling them something.

I didn’t tell my father. I didn’t want him to have to be on shpilkes like the rest of us.

But S#1 did. He sent out an email shortly after mine to the whole family repeating the info.

So now I got the phone call from my father.

“What do you know?”

“Not much more than you.”

“Oy. I have tickets to come east for next Thursday.”

“Well, we don’t know anything yet, Dad. It still could be fine. Let’s wait and see.”

A few hours later (probably about 1, now that I think of it), he calls back.

“I’m going out now, so if anything happens, you can call me on my cellphone. The number is…”

“I know your cellphone number, Dad. I’ll call you if anything happens.”

A few hours after that, he calls back. He’s home now, but he’s going out. If anything happens while he’s out, don’t leave a message on his cell. Leave a message on the computer.

“No problem, Dad.”

Emails start coming in now. “Any news?” from D#1, D#2, S#2.

“Nope. I don’t want to call them”, I write.

But D#1 already did.

Things are progressing. Maybe tonight. S#1 was going to try to rest a bit so he could be ready. Oh, hasn’t he heard? You’re never ready! As Rabbi David Hartman said in a lecture at Hebrew University 40 years ago, “you’re ready to be a parent when your kids have left your house.”

So in these days, with connections of all kinds, we can sit

and wait

and annoy other people.

בשעה טובה ומתוקה


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