more chocolate. oh joy.

What’s wrong, you might ask? Usually chocolate from my favorite local chocolatiers would have me swooning. But after all the holidays, that’s just not the case. And, as I previously mentioned, I still have a lovely bunch of chocolates hanging around.

But really, it’s just a case of (what would be a best-seller among the Jewish Orthodox, dear sister, if you would write it–or maybe your lovely daughter?) The fill-in-the -blank Bears and too much Yuntif. 

A while ago, eons at least, someone asked me if I would be able to house guests for their son’s upcoming bar mitzvah celebration.

“Sure! I can house up to 6 people, no problem!”

So we’re housing 7.

Including a baby.

They brought chocolate as a housegift, so what’s the problem?

I had washed the tons of sheets and towels from our family. Thank G-d for my large capacity washer! I re-made the beds. We took out the air conditioners. I vacuumed and dusted. I even put away all the toys upstairs. We even found more gifts–this time, one box of earrings from a still-to-be-determined young lady. Takers, anyone?

I had put the pack n’play away.


I took it back out.

Now don’t get me wrong.

I love babies.

But I want them to be mine visiting, not someone else’s.

Stiff upper lip.

I’ll get through this.

Anybody want some chocolate?

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