what’s left behind

What kinds of treasures will I find?

OH! There’s a plastic bag with the remainders of a package of cheese stuck in between the toys! Gift #1!

Gift #2: a slightly used (which is the most polite way I could phrase it) pair of child’s (again, polite) underwear in a bag (THANK G-D!) excavated under the Paleozoic layer of laundry on my dryer.

Gift #3: the candy (chocolate-covered acai berries) I really wanted to be taken and/or eaten. Gotta remember to serve them to guests.

Gift #4: lots of great photos. That should have been first. (Practicing gratitude is, after all, practicing.) I did try really really hard to be prepared in advance for all the holidays, meaning that the freezers were chock-full (and still are, so that’s a residual gift) and thus I could spend time with the kiddies without panicking. I did both, which is at least a step up. I’ll keep trying harder.

I’m pondering the “Global warming is coming and so are mammals” message. Let me know if you have an idea what that’s about.

And Gift #5: a lesson from my father in regards to his first message that “the Google isn’t working” on his computer when he returned home from visiting with us, that came along with some otherwise not-heard words while the kiddies were around:

Computer O.K.

Pad needed new batteries.

Maybe there is something that this teaches us.

Problems may not as serious as one may think.  One should have a better understanding of what one is doing.




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