my new granddaughter weighs more than my new vacuum cleaner

by 2 lbs!

Amazing. I won’t be able to hold this new baby until we go to Australia in January and by then, she’ll hopefully be a lot more than the 9 lbs she started at.

And yes, my vacuum cleaner is very small and wonderful. Isn’t it fascinating that something big being small is great and something small being big is amazing!

But more about the baby for now.

Her father was born at 9 lbs, 3 oz, but he was the fourth baby and I’m taller and bigger than my DIL. So wow. BIG baby! The middle one is showing lots of jealousy. She’s announcing her full name to everyone who doesn’t necessarily inquire, now that the new baby also has three names, and isn’t being as gentle as the big boy is. And the worse part of it is that the new baby looks very much like she used to, so she must really feel like she’s being usurped.

Oh I have a strong feeling she’ll figure out where and how she can shine. I am sure she’ll do just fine.

It just might require patience from parents and grandparents.

Australia is very very far away. I was telling someone the other day how difficult it was to go to Puerto Rico when my parents first got married and moved there. You had to take one flight to NY, then to Miami, and then to PR. It was the equivalent of traveling today to…


The difference is that because everything is so immediate and we have no attention span that we can’t fathom something being that far and difficult to get to.

We’ll get there in January and it will be wonderful, as long as the weather cooperates, which is not a little thing.

Above-Normal Snow for Northeast, Appalachians
Above-normal snowfall is predicted for the Northeast, mid-Atlantic and central and southern Appalachians, spanning western Massachusetts to northern portions of Georgia and Alabama, this winter.

“I-95 this year in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic will have more snow than they did last year. However, as far as above-normal snowfall goes, from New York City on south and west has a better shot with more mixed rain and snow systems in New England,” AccuWeather Lead Long-Range Forecaster Paul Pastelok said.

Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Charlotte are among other cities that may receive more snow than usual.

A couple of larger storms could unleash the above-normal snowfall in the major cities, as the winter setup should allow big storms to form off the East Coast. The best chance for the big snowstorms will arrive during the middle to latter part of the season, including January and February.

Look, let me get out of here and then let the snow fall! I won’t mind having to stay longer…


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