mini-rant, for lack of time


I get it. I’m a rule-follower. I like rules. I have no problem with rules.

I realize that the world existed before me and will continue after me, and I play some part, still to be determined.

But the world does not exist because of me.

There are toooooo many other people who have not learned this.

So they think that if there is a rule, it is for every



If you tell them about something going wrong, they will no doubt sign up to help you, if they can.

But if you say, “These people need help.”

Or “I will be there at this and this time only for you to pick up your lulav and etrog. Please come at these times only.”

They will not.

It’s like my cousin who was beside himself that he didn’t get a hand-written invitation to his niece’s wedding, so he didn’t bother coming.


We didn’t miss you.

Okay, time’s up.

Rant’s over.

Back to my carrot mousse-making.

חג שמח!


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