someone messed with my lists

There’s nothing wrong with making lists, is there?

Yom Kippur is a day full of lists. We go over all the things that we have done wrong publicly. And by that, I mean, we sing them out loud in public for what we may or may have not done publicly. In repeating them over and over, it’s like the police questioning a suspect, breaking down their defenses (from what I know from books, TV, and movies only, of course).

So lists can be very helpful. I make many, often. I have them on lots of different media–on my computer as reminders, emails I send to myself, notes on my phone, and then the old-fashioned way with lots of little pieces of paper.

For marketing, I put them in my coupon holder.

For other shopping, I put them in a particular pocket of my pocketbook.

For general ones, I put them in another pocket of that same pocketbook.

Here’s one I made for today.

Yes, I was going to get a vacuum cleaner at Costco, but ordered one through Amazon instead (for $100 off!).

I of course got a whole lot of things other than what was on the list.

For example, I ran into a friend at Costco and he told me stories about his mother and her realistic view of life as she has gotten older. She has told her family about her extra-ordinary adventures after the War in Israel and how she defied the British soldiers without blinking. And yet, she refuses to tell them about what she went through during the Holocaust in order to survive. It is her way to maintain her dignity. At what cost is her silence? Some therapists would say it’s impossible to hold that in. And yet she and many others have survived because they have not told, they have not shared. It’s really the unwritten chapter about the Holocaust, what we will never ever know.

And all of that conversation started because I shared that my father really wants to pick up and go to Australia, if S#2 and DIL#1 (since they were married before S#2) have a boy. Someone from the family has to represent, if there’s going to be a bris…

I think I convinced him that he shouldn’t go, not because it would be too much for him to travel to Australia, but because he didn’t go when they named their daughter after my mother…Guilt usually does win out.

And that he can’t give into the fact that running to Australia would be too much for him at his age because that’s what keeps him young.

So I’m not sure it’s a bucket list for him, but it’s what keeps him looking forward.

I guess the only thing wrong with lists is not completing them.

Or forgetting where you put them.

Or someone messing with them.

Which leads me to my other list that’s missing.

Someone (okay I know who it is but I’m not saying, but um it happened yesterday, so the suspects are limited) took my prayer book yesterday and took out my scraps of paper that I have accumulated. I found 2, but one is missing. On those papers I have names in Hebrew of people I know or who I’ve been asked to pray for their healing.

I can remember 3 of the names but not the last one.

I guess I have to hope that Someone else is taking very good care of that person.


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