maybe listening to tangos while driving isn’t a good idea

I have this theory about music, totally unscholarly and unsubstantiated, that styles of music developed by how people travel. In short (because I haven’t developed it more than that), different musical styles represent the mode of transportation of the time. So sea shanties were developed to resemble the traveling that you do on the sea, your basic four beat music of all kinds represents basic traveling, whether by foot or by wagon, galloping horses are like music set to three beats–polkas, troikas, and of course, the waltz…

And then modern music? Once we got into space travel, that’s when music was written to no beat, no¬†discernible rhythm, and started getting you know, atonal, and weird in general, unless you like that kind of thing. I guess you can figure out that I can leave it.

And then there’s the tango.

Ah, the tango!

The dance, you mean? No, I mean the music. I mean the style that incorporates so much soul and heart and heat and cannot be limited to a single mode of transportation.

So when I was driving today to go to IKEA to return something for S#1, and there was some lovely tango music on the radio, it reminded me of my theory and how incomplete it is.

After all, I could not be expected to drive city streets to Astor Piazollo, could I?

But oh those curves I took with delight!


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