losing our baby teeth

The hardest thing about growing older is that there are really no do-overs. Time takes that option away from you. So there are even not many opportunities to practice. You have to get it right.

Or you have to be satisfied with what you got.

Or not.

It’s like the difference in whether a fossil is embedded or raised. Is it simply from an imprint or has it been so hardened that it is now petrified or even replaced by other materials (or actions, as it were) taking its place?

We went yesterday to Field Station Dinosaur in Secaucus, so I have that on my mind, especially perhaps the teeth image. Photos to follow, perhaps.

But that is the danger of habits; they take hold and are hard to break. So how to change, how to change?

So we finished my FIL’s unveiling, very very low-key. We drove into the city on Sunday and spent the day there.

No, actually, we spent a few hours there at the cemetery. And then we went into the city to eat and to walk and to go to the movies.

And that felt good.

I of course took my camera and I found some good shots, I think.

The interesting thing that I found is that I’m tilting to one side or another and so I spend a lot of time straightening out my shots.

But some I leave the way they are because life is crooked, too.


Okay, I’ll keep that in mind.







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