and i as a woman, where should i look?

Respice post te! Hominem te esse memento! Memento mori!” Look behind you! Remember that you are but a man! Remember that you’ll die!”, as noted by Tertullian in his Apologeticus.

They are looking forward, all of them, I think. They are called Opera-matic and they are performing Momentum Mori here. They state their mission as the following:

Opera-Matic brings moving visual art to the streets. We activate public spaces for community engagement through people-powered sound, story and interaction. By combining modular design and material repurposing, Opera-Matic weaves together the fantastic and familiar in unexpected places, encouraging culture building and neighborhood participation.

Are you wondering  where all of this is coming from? Another week, another funeral. This time, of a community member’s father, not unexpected and yet, not. And we will be going this Sunday to hold the unveiling for my FIL.

And it’s the month Elul, time to think about all of that. There is a custom of going to visit a cemetery during the month preceding Rosh HaShanah. Some say it’s to visit your parents. Some say it’s to get help from the righteous.

And some say it’s to put you into your place.

Consider me put.

I’ll share something I found along the google way about this time of the year:

What Do I Truly Want to Accomplish in Life?

Kabbalah teaches that the numerical value of Elul–67–equals that of binah, “understanding.” The month of Elul, the final month of the year, brings with it new and deeper understanding with regard to all the events of the passing year-what really happened and why-and of their consequences for the coming year.

During Elul, “the month of reckoning,” one becomes inspired with new understanding of how to “fix” (rectify) the past in order to create a new and better future.

During Elul, one understands that the first step towards the rectification of one’s inner self and outer reality is his dedicated introspection in search of the true motivations behind all of his life’s efforts. What do I really and truly want to accomplish in life, and why?

The true will and motivating power of a Jew is always good. Kabbalah teaches that rectification (the “enclothement” of an inner power–“soul”–within an outer power–“body”) begins with the power of will becoming conscious of its own inner motivation (the goodly sense of “pleasure” and “pleasantness” within the driving force of “will”).

From such understanding one proceeds to realize and actualize on the physical plane his deepest desires. This in fact is one’s ultimate return to God, the Creator and Bestower of all desire. Thereby one’s soul and body become healed.

In the words of the prophet Isaiah (6:10): “…and his heart shall understand and he shall return and be healed.”


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